End the Dark Money Influence in Montana Politics  

John Heenan is the only candidate in this race with a track record of successfully fighting against Dark Money in Montana politics, having successfully litigated as a volunteer, appointed Assistant Attorney General against a corrupt politician who used Dark Money to illegally influence elections in the State of Montana.  Our current political system is broken. Instead of looking out for the best interests of the American people, many politicians are bending over backwards to help out the special interest groups that fill their pockets. That’s why John will fight to overturn Citizens United and reaffirm that corporations are not people and have no business meddling in our democracy.

Farming and Ranching 

Montana’s agriculture is big driver of our economy- with 28,000 farms and ranches across the state. John will stand up to those in Washington DC who want to force trade deals that would destroy the livelihoods of Montana’s farmers and ranchers. It’s also important to John that we invest in better technology for farmers and ranchers across the US.

Our Public Lands 

Montanans have been hunting and recreating on our public lands for generations. It’s what makes Montana such a great place to live. However, special interest groups and their allies within the federal government are trying to take away our public lands. John will oppose any efforts that restrict the rights of Montanans to access our public lands and he will oppose any effort to sell off our public lands.

Standing Up To Big Banks and Wall Street 

Millions of Americans lost their jobs and thousands of families had their homes foreclosed on due to the reckless decisions of Wall Street bankers. John will stand up to big banks and Wall Street like he has his whole career when he gets to Congress. He will support reforms that keep Wall Street in check to prevent another economic crisis from happening.

Social Security 

John strongly believes Social Security needs to be protected for our seniors. Montanans have worked hard to pay into this essential program and they have earned those benefits. He will not let politicians in DC get their hands on Social Security benefits to make up for years of reckless spending.

Bring Good Paying Jobs to Montana 

As a small business owner, John’s top priority is to put Montanans into good paying jobs. He believes that no one should struggle to find work if they are willing to work hard. John also believes no one should have to rely on food stamps while working full time. Minimum wage needs to be a living wage, and if a living wage is $15, then we need to get there. That’s why John will support #EmployMT, a comprehensive strategy to create high-paying jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, invest in the workforce, and spur innovation in Montana

Protecting Healthcare for Montanans

John is the ONLY candidate in this race who supports providing access to high quality healthcare and prescription drugs with a “Medicare for All type system that will save America hundreds of millions of tax dollars and provide healthcare to people who need it.  John believes that we need to put people’s health above insurance company and health industry profits. The current proposed healthcare law would be a disaster for families in Montana. It eliminates protections for people with pre-existing conditions, rips away coverage from 70,000 Montanans and causes premiums to increase for countless others. John believes healthcare is a right, and he supports affordable healthcare for everyone, and will vote for Medicare for All.

Montana Education for the Future

As a father with four kids going to public school, John understands the value of a great education. Education is the only way Montanans can stay competitive in a global economy, and to promote innovation and economic growth education should be freely available to all those who qualify and are interested. Montanans should be sure that John would support programs that recognize that a four year education is not necessary for everyone and that apprentice programs, two-year colleges, and community and tribal colleges need to be considered and funded in a comprehensive way.

Women’s Health  

Hypocritically, the politicians who talk the most about small government are the ones most eager to allow the government to invade our bedrooms and doctor’s offices. John adamantly supports the rights of women to make their own healthcare decisions without government interference. He will steadfastly oppose all efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

Native American Rights

John believes in Tribal Sovereignty and the right of self-determination for all Native Peoples.  John opposes the Republican health care plan that threatens to affect tribal members severely.  John also supports educational, job-training programs, and transportation investments that will help tribal communities.  The United States has an obligation to fulfill the promises made to Native People and John will fight to ensure those promises are kept.

Veterans Deserve Real Respect

Politicians give lip service to the debt we owe our veterans, then don’t back it up with action. John will work hard to ensure that veterans get the first rate healthcare, education and vocational support they deserve. John also supports strong enforcement of the Service members Relief Act and other laws designed to prevent payday lenders and banks from preying on soldiers while they are on the front lines protecting our freedom.

Safety of Our Children & Communities

A Statement from John Heenan:

I have spent my entire career as a consumer protection advocate, fighting for people who have been bullied and harmed by big banks and powerful corporations.  I am running for U.S. House of Representatives to fight for all Montanans the same way that I have fought for my clients.

My wife Meagen and I have four kids. Every morning, I walk my two youngest children to the public elementary school across the street from our home. And after I drop them off, like every parent, I worry for their safety. I can only imagine the heartache felt by parents in South Florida or other places impacted by gun violence.

Please understand. As a gun owner, I believe in the Second Amendment. I cherish my Constitutional right to legally possess firearms. Like all gun owners, I know that with rights come responsibilities.

I do not pretend to have all the answers.  I do know this: Many of our elected officials in Washington, D.C. are bought and paid for by the powerful corporate gun lobbyists who bankroll their campaigns.  Those that are not, often feel paralyzed for fear of offending them.  I have rejected corporate PAC and corporate lobbyist money. This includes the gun industry.

Importantly, we need Federal support and funding for mental health centers and services throughout Montana and throughout our country.  Resources to support effective violence prevention strategies, such as community policing, probation and parole officers and access to high-quality, affordable healthcare services are essential.  Our law enforcement officials and prosecutors need the funding and support to implement the laws and programs that can and should work.

While protecting the second amendment, we must implement common sense: Close the gun show loophole.  Ban bump stocks.  Expand the existing prohibition against domestic abusers possessing firearms to everyone who is convicted of a violent crime.

Powerful interests have put a stranglehold on our ability protect our children and the most vulnerable people in our society. Today and every day, I will fight for people, not corporations or lobbyists.


Second Amendment Rights 

As a gun owner, John fully understands the need to protect our right to bear arms. Montanans are responsible gun owners and they know how important gun safety is to protect their families. He will oppose any effort to restrict the Second Amendment.

Fighting For Montanans, Not Corporations

There are many politicians in Washington DC who only look out for the well-being of their corporate donors. Hard-working Americans across the country have been ignored and forgotten by Congress, left to wonder who has their back and if they can afford to pay the bills.

Throughout his career, John has fought for everyday Montanans who have been taken advantage of. He has beat big banks and other special interest groups in court on behalf of regular Montanans. John will take that same passion and commitment with him to Congress. John will not take corporate PAC or corporate lobbyist money, but he will take support from groups that support the people like unions and Planned Parenthood. He knows Montana needs a representative who will hold Washington accountable and put Montanans and their families first.


Billings Gazette – He took the fight to debt collectorsand he collected
Tim was John’s very first client. Together, they took on a bully, and together they won. If you give John the chance, he will have the privilege of fighting for you and your family the same way he has fought for his clients.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle – Billings attorneys take over Wittich political practices case
John loathes dark money and the corrupt politicians who take it- so much so that he volunteered  to get deputized as a special attorney general to take down the politicians partaking in dark money, and won! John is proud to have prosecuted dark money and corruption on as a lawyer, and look forward to doing the same for all Montanans in Congress.

Last Best News – Fraud and foreclosure: Couple takes on Bank of America
When big banks tried to lie to Montana homeowners, John held them accountable. In Congress, he will fight just as hard to make sure that all Montanans get a level playing field.

Lamb & Cary – Pennies from Heaven
“Shut your eyes for a moment and imagine this: $90 million stacked in neat piles on one side of the courtroom, 30 lawyers packed into the other side – and John Heenan standing in the middle. And our hero, just like David facing Goliath, stood there with his little ‘objection’ wrapped in a sling, smiling and acting like he knew what he was doing. A voice crying – from the (Montana) wilderness.”

Last Best News – Bank to pay $2 million for ‘mistaken’ foreclosure
When big banks try to steamroll Montanans, John has had the privilege of holding them accountable. That’s exactly what this campaign is about- imposing accountability on those that think they are above the law.

Billings Gazette – Internet payday loan company settles Montana lawsuit
John has fought for Montanans’ right to hold out-of-state corporations accountable. Sadly, our current representative is doing the bidding of big banks and predatory lenders by voting to deprive Montanans of their ability to access the courts and hold companies like this one accountable. As Montana’s next representative, John will fight for you and your family and no one else.